About Us


About Us

Invertech is the brainchild of billionaire philanthropist Miles Cowden, and the New Oban Express has been the result of his collaboration with civil engineer Priya MacGregor. Together, the duo are the heart and soul of the New Oban Express.


Miles Cowden, Chairman and CEO

Our billionaire philanthropist was born to an upper-middle-class family in London. He made his first million pounds through the brief but burning-hot fad for shoelace dangles, and through a series of judicious investments he has multiplied that million many, many times over. Mr. Cowden has been voted ‘Britain’s most eligible bachelor’ five times, and likes to spend his days para-sailing off the coast of Scotland while composing symphonies to be performed by the New Oban Chamber Orchestra.


Priya McGregor, Lead Engineer

Ms. MacGregor made headlines when she arrived in this country poverty-stricken and suffering from debilitating malaria, an orphan with nowhere to turn. Thanks to the love of the MacGregor family who adopted her and the support of all of Scotland, her unparalleled genius have truly been unlocked to their fullest capacity. In gratitude, she has spent her life trying to give back to the nation that has given her so much. She has recently taken up historical scientific reenactment and participates regularly in the New Oban Alchemist’s Society.


Andreas Ianopolis, Propulsion Team

Mr. Ianopolis is the wunderkind engineer and inventor responsible for Invertech’s keystone next-generation maglev solution. His work on frictionless low-energy propulsion has won the Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics. Ianopolis is a lifelong train aficionado, and in his spare time is volunteering on a team to create a period reconstruction of Queen Victoria’s Royal Train, which he likes to boast is accurate down to the Lincrusta-Walton dados. Although the hidden propulsion systems are, of course, completely modern.