Invertech is proud to announce the launch of our flagship service, the New Oban Express. Created by an international team, the New Oban Express is the fastest, longest and most advanced train in the world - and the most luxurious. It will make the trip from London to New Oban in a little over two hours. 

This bold new railway connection marks the start of a whole new way to live and work. Thanks to the New Oban Express, all walks of life can escape to New Oban away from the press and stress of London’s hyper-competitive real estate market, while still enjoying easy access to London to visit the people, businesses and cultural institutions that remain.

But the New Oban Express isn’t just transportation – it’s an experience. Every detail has been thoughtfully curated and faithfully executed with the goal of creating the most flawless, relaxing journey imaginable. From the graceful, arching Japanese maples found in our Arboretum to the exquisitely soft kelp bio-yarn sheets in our sleeping pods, no detail was too small to overlook.

Reserve your tickets today, and go 600kph into the future.

Map 1 route.png