Nov. 19 – Invertech Decries Press Misinformation Campaign


Invertech Decries Press Misinformation Campaign

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Contact Mary Mary Falana at

Materials, Planning Both ‘World-Class’ Despite Detractors

NEW OBAN, SCOTLAND, Nov. 19 — Invertech and its staff would like to emphatically affirm that its materials, workmanship, design, and attention to detail are all top-notch and of unimpeachable quality.

Recent press reports suggesting that the railway has used “substandard materials” is a libelous assault, and we are strongly considering taking legal action. Likewise, insinuating that any of our processes are anything less than rigorously developed, tested, and executed is an affront to every one of the hardworking people who have made this rail line a reality, and especially to Invertech chairman and chief executive billionaire philanthropist Miles Cowden, who has worked diligently for over a decade to make this rail line a reality.

Invertech would like to suggest that the London press corps has vastly more important issues to attend to than fabricating potentially actionable allegations against a perfectly innocent organization working harder than anyone to build a better future for all of us. And in the future, journalists would do well to avoid running reports based on a few anonymous so-called “whistle-blowers” with an axe to grind against a former employer.

Future allegations of this nature will definitely be pursued in court to the very fullest of our capacity. And meanwhile, the team behind the New Oban Express looks forward to beginning its run and proving these unconscionable accusations to be wrong once and for all.


The New Oban Express is the world’s fastest commuter train, going from London to New Oban in a record 1 hour and 53 minutes. This world-class rail line is run by Invertech, the undisputed leader in rail technology. For supplemental information about the New Oban Express or about Invertech, please contact our public information coordinator Mary Falana at